Reschedule Requests CLOSED for 2019 Season

Game Reschedule Requests are CLOSED for the 2019 season.  Weather conditions are the exception. 

Per the 2019 Reschedule Request Process posted on the League website on the Coaches Tab "Reschedule requests for U-10 thru U-12 will accepted only until May 31st and U-13 thru U-19 only until June 15th. Weather conditions are the exception."


Score Reporting

There are still a number of outstanding game scores that have not been reported.  Please refer to the article below on how to report scores.

Game Schedules and Field Conflicts

Please reveiw any field conflicts that may show on your schedule and if you can identify an available field to use to clear the conflict(s), please send the information to and the schedule will be revised. If a conflict will not be revised the League will try to push the game back in the schedule to the last week of the season.

IMPORTANT! June 12, 2019 Game Reschedule Update

As of June 10th there were still a number of games that have not been rescheduled after they were suspended due to the tremendously poor weather impacting field conditions.  PLEASE NOTE - if the games are not rescheduled by June 15th via the standard reschedule process the League will reschedule the games and they will need to be played at the times and places chosen by the League. Please make every attempt to get these games rescheduled.

2019 Score Reporting Process

For 2019 the winning team coach is asked to call in the score for their game. In cases of a tie game, the Home coach is asked to call in the score for the game. Please call 1-866-334-6294, enter the PIN # 7785 and the number of your game as shown on the game schedule. The sytem will ask you to enter the score for each team. Thank you for working with the League on testing a new system. It is hoped this will provide quicker feedback to teams with respect to Divisional standings.

For U10 Games, please call in the socres. While results are not posted the data might be used in the future to address issues raised by members with respect to the directive to not post scores or results.

2019 Season Update

Major Changes for 2019

Welcome to the new website for the Buffalo and Western New York Junior Soccer League!

This website is still under construction and will continue to be built-up over the course of the 2019 season. Each week additional information and links will be added. Formatting of certain information is still being worked on and your patience with the "look" of some items is appreciated.


2019 U10 Team Contact Information

Please use the link below to access a downloadable file containing the contact information for 2019 U10 Coaches